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Create the perfect soundtrack for your business identity! In association with: 

Why is musical identity important?

1. Atmosphere and Ambiance: 


The music played greatly influences the overall atmosphere and ambiance. It sets the mood for customers, creating a specific vibe that aligns with the establishments theme or concept. Whether it's a casual, upbeat eatery, a fine dining establishment or lively bar the right music can enhance the experience and make customers feel more comfortable and engaged.


2. Branding and Differentiation:


Music can be a powerful tool for branding and differentiation. By carefully selecting music that reflects the establishments identity, values, and target audience, an establishment can create a unique and memorable brand image. This helps to differentiate it from competitors and attract a specific customer base that resonates with the music choices.


3. Customer Experience: 


Music has a significant impact on the overall customer experience. The right music can create a pleasant and enjoyable experience, encouraging customers to stay longer, return, and recommend the establishment to others.


4. Emotional Connection: 


Music has the ability to evoke emotions and create a connection with customers. By selecting music that resonates with the target audience, an establishments can create an emotional bond, making customers feel more connected. This emotional connection can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.


5. Consistency and Coherence: 


A well-defined musical identity ensures consistency and coherence in the overall experience. When the music aligns with the establishments theme, decor, and menu, it creates a cohesive and harmonious environment. This attention to detail enhances the overall perception of the establishment and demonstrates a commitment to providing a well-rounded experience.


In summary, musical identity is important as it helps create the desired atmosphere, strengthens branding, enhances the customer experience, fosters emotional connections, and ensures consistency and coherence throughout the establishment.

So how can we help your business 

Having been in the music industry for over 20 years we combine our extensive music knowledge combined with a marketing strategy to produce the best soundtrack for any environment or establishment. 


As music curators we stay at the forefront of new music releases, constantly listening to the latest tracks from independent and major labels. This gives us incredible knowledge over a mixture of genres and artists where we select the best options for the music related to your business’ identity. 


We always keep up to date with the latest trends and and up-coming artists to always keep your playlists upto date with the best of the latest talent and tracks. 

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Do you play the same playlist day in day out? 

Do you have the right playlist for the right times of the day?

Do members of staff change the playlist based on their personal preference of music?

Do you understand the best music to play to enhance your brands identity? 

Do you play the right playlists after bands/djs have finished their performance? 

So how do we create the perfect soundtrack for your business identity? 

The only way we can create the perfect playlist is to fully understand your brand, vision and goals! This will involve us asking a variety of questions to understand your client demographic and vision.  


  • What is the look, feel and ambience of the space where the music will play?

  • Who is your target audience, what are they looking for and what type of experience are they expecting from visiting your business? 

  • What could enhance their experience from a music perspective? 

  • When do you have music playing?

  • What are your key times of the day/week? 

  • How should the music inspire your clients? 

  • Are you looking for your clients to relax more, socialise more, dance more, or something else? 


By us understanding these types of questions we can reveal the right strategies and create the perfect playlist(s) for your business identity. 

So how do we create the customised playlist you need?

Once we are equipped with the background information we need we can then choose and curate the perfect selection of tracks for your playlist. We don’t work with set templates or formulas. Instead we work from a blank canvas and put together a diverse, rich and comprehensive playlist that truly amplifies your brands identity. 


Our goal is to create the perfect soundtrack that does far more than simply make some background noise 

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